Adopt a Nest

For a minimum contribution of $125, we will put a name of your choice on the back of a stake at a turtle nest site.

You will be informed of the location of the nest, and be provided a picture of the nest and the named stake.

We will also let you know the success of the nest (Number hatched, unhatched, live in the nest, etc.) via email.

We will send you a link to a special video, just for Adopt a Nest participants, with sample excavation footage, along with a special message from Longboat Key Turtle Watch. This video provides you with a "special" look behind the scenes so you can see the process we go through to collect data on the monitored nests.

Once the excavation is complete and the nest stakes are removed, we will mail the actual stake and it will include a branded Longboat Key Turtle Watch logo and the year of the nest.

We will also include a Longboat Key Turtle Watch t-shirt with the stake.

The nests will be located on the Manatee County section of Longboat Key between 4141 Gulf of Mexico Drive and Greer Island.

**NOTE: There is a possibility that storms could wash away your nest and stakes, but every attempt will be made to salvage the stakes associated with your nest.

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